Let’s Talk About Christmas Lists

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I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas Lists. You see, I’ve always enjoyed the tradition of paging through catalogs around the table after Thanksgiving, each family member attempting to jog memories of all the things they desperately needed throughout the year but can’t seem to remember when the blank yellow pad of paper is in front of them. […]

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A Christmas wish

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Dear Santa, This is Finnegan Murphy here. You may not have our new address because my family moved to a place where there is no snow in the wintertime. If anyone will understand my situation it’s you. I’m a Swiss MOUNTAIN dog for goodness sake. I live for snow. I like to pounce in the […]

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I’m thirty. 30 years old! Thirty! I did it. I finally passed the last milestone birthday that all of my friends passed nearly a year before me! Being the youngest of the group, I was used to being last in line for all age-related events. Last to drive at 16, last to do whatever a […]

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Banana Crumb Muffins

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If you’ve been reading my recipe posts as of late, you’ll know that I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid turning on my oven this summer. With the exception of this ombre birthday cake for Matt’s birthday, I have stuck with no-cook or grilling meals to combat the summer heat. When Rizzi from […]

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Creative Wedding Crafts…

> I recently got the Handmade Weddings book as a gift for a good friend of mine who is getting married this year. I thought it might drum up some excitement at the 6-month-out mark when most of the big planning is over and the waiting game begins. Whether your are crafty or just looking […]

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Christmas Cookie Creations…

> Occasionally I bake. Ok, so maybe I bake a lot. Especially around the holidays. And this year was no exception. I love the holidays because it gives me an excuse to crack out the sprinkles and try some new recipes. This year i went a little nuts on cookies, and cake balls, and bark […]

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Festive Fabric Flowers…

> It’s not often that I post about much else besides food, but when I saw this fun holiday wreath on the Our Best Bites blog I just had to try my hand at making the rolled fabric flowers that fill it. After all, it looked easy enough.. cut strips of fabric, roll, twist and […]

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>Create Cute Cards…

>If you’re anything like me you have a million printed out recipes on folded pieces of paper and shoved inside cook books throughout your kitchen. While my mother insists that the best recipes are the ones with the drips and stains from years of use and I tend to agree, keeping your go-to recipes in […]

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>A Unique Gift Idea

> These La Fresh towelettes from Real Simple could make a unique gift for a shower or birthday.

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