I saw my shadow on Sunday

I’m sure you are too busy watching recaps from last nights Super Bowl to miss a blog post from me this morning but I wanted to check in regardless. And by watching recaps I mean the Bruno Mars halftime show and the Chevy bovine love story. Just stick with that. No one wants to repeat that mess of a game again anytime soon. Can I get an ‘Omaha!?’

After a few canceled flights due to, wait for it, wind in Chicago, I finally made it down to Florida late Friday. I’ll have a full recap later but for now ill just give you the obligatory iPhone photo dump of my winter weekend in the gulf.

I realized yesterday that seeing your shadow on Groundhog Day means more winter. I don’t know what I’ve been following these past 29 years but I completely disagree with this logic. If the sun is out on February 2nd, it’s a good thing. There’s hope people. We’re in this together.












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