This Father’s Day

I thought I’d lose it the first time I saw my dad on my wedding day. I kept waiting for the emotions to overwhelm me as the morning went on and as the my sister left the bride’s room and I was there all alone for the first time, it started to hit me. Matt and I decided not to see each other before the wedding and between the music and the pressure to recite the vows the priest asked us to memorize, my face started to quiver.


I thought I’d lose it the first time I saw my dad on my wedding day. But just as my sister walked out, he walked in, sweating profusely and cracking jokes about this time being so much easier for him than my sister’s wedding.



He did what he’s done my whole life. He was present. He made me laugh. He offered a random yet detailed story that would give me context for the challenge ahead. Or in this case, he seemed way too calm (not so cool due to a new prescription) and collected. Just genuinely happy to be there.



Which was good because one of us had to hold it together and we soon found out that person would not be me.







That’s my dad. Connected. Funny. Intelligent and a great lead to follow.


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and future fathers out there.


2 thoughts on “This Father’s Day

  1. Thanks for the kind words you don’t have to be a genius or all-conference to be there. Plus, I knew you were being delivered into very good hands. Yes, I was a sweaty mess. But I knew no one would be looking at me, only the gorgeous bride.


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