on girlfriends…

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Sitting 30 days out from our wedding day (no hives yet), I was browsing through the photos one of my girlfriends sent to me yesterday from the festivities and I realized something. People should really get married more often. I mean when else do you get a chance to spend time with all of your girlfriends from your […]

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Weekend recap: Chicago style

Historically I’ve not been the best at weekend recaps. Especially weekends that involve all of my favorite females in one room, baby snuggles and Chicago nights. I suppose it could be because recapping a weekend means it’s over and I have to accept the finality of it all. And just like knowing when to end […]

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>Going On Safari…

> Looking for a unique bachelorette party idea? My roommate threw a safari themed “man hunt” last weekend for a friend. Details included, safari hats and binoculars for dress-up, “wanted posters” with targets for the hunt and a map that guided all of the girls through the city to various “watering holes.” Here’s a sneak […]

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