Viva Las Vegas

I spent the better part of my Sunday traveling. The morning hours spent driving the oh-so-familiar 55-north back up from Springfield after a weekend at home. The reason for my trip south (beyond the worship and adorement of my father) was to drop off Finn for an extended vacation at my parents house where I imagine he will continue to spend his days like he did the rest of the weekend, filled with spontaneous naps in the sun, acorn search-and-destroy missions and general crumb pick-up. At least with the latter he’s earning his keep.


I’m fortunate to have parents who enjoy spending time with my pup so I can go to Vegas for the next 5 days. I know what you’re thinking. Well one of two things perhaps: You’re either thinking Awesome, Vegas! Or you’re thinking holy craps, five whole days in Vegas? I’d never survive. And either opinion would be correct. Vegas is awesome but for three days max. Thursday through Sunday is best. Knowing full-well by Saturday night you may have to take extreme measures to pull yourself together enough to make it out that last night. So much for whats happens in Vegas. I’ve got a tagline for you tourism bureau: Vegas-over-stimulation at its finest.

Now before you start feeling sorry for me, as anyone in the middle of a cold Midwestern winter might (insert sarcasm here) I’ll tell you that I am going to Vegas for work. Feel better? You don’t think I’d actually put my body through that sort of distress by choice do you?

Lord knows this will be nothing like the last two Bachelorette-party trips that Vegas rolled out the red carpet for. I’m fairly certain my liver is still regenerating from both. And while the current Vegas tagline prohibits me from sharing any of those stories, I am looking forward to spending time in a warmer climate and taking advantage of the food scene. It may be known for its all-you-can-eat buffets and bottle service, but Vegas actually has a really wonderful restaurant scene.

I’ve been fortunate to experience some pretty cool places the last couple of years including Yellowtail overlooking the water show at Bellagio, tapas at Aria’s Julian Serrano and several others but I’m looking forward to trying some new spots as well.

So even though I don’t have my girlfriends in tow this time (they’ve been a little busy) I’m heading to Vegas with some cash from my dad and the promise I will put it towards odds on several carefully-selected sports teams and not let it all ride on Yard-O-Rita’s or a low-back tattoo. Not that I’ve considered that or anything.


Viva Las Vegas!

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