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The art of being a scone snob

I’m a self-proclaimed scone snob. It’s years of love for these flaky, just sweet enough treats that’s made me this way. So you can imagine my concern then, when I decided to use some of my farmer’s market blueberries in a batch of scones this morning, only to have misplaced my go-to recipe.

So I did as I sometimes do and I started browsing recipes online until I found one that I thought would to the job.

It didn’t. Granted I improvised a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. You see, I like a sweeter scone and I should have known when this recipe only called for 2 tablespoons of sugar that we were in trouble. We being my scones and I. We’re in this together, you know.

lemon blueberry scones, scone recipe, baking, breakfast, recipes, lessons in baking

So rather than dump the entire batch, which I may or may not have done after a thorough taste and texture evaluation over coffee, I thought I’d use this experience as a lesson.

Lesson #1: Sometimes recipes let you down. Sorry Tyler Florence. You let me down today. And that’s ok. You’ve just reaffirmed my stand on proper sugar and butter usage in baked goods. Let’s just stick with grilled stuff from now on, shall we?

lemon blueberry scones, scone recipe, baking, breakfast, recipes, lessons in baking

Lesson #2: When it comes to scones, you are allowed to be a snob. You don’t hear guys at the ballpark getting all picky when it comes to their hot dog, do you? Well actually, if you’re at a game in Florida with a Chicago-style-dog lover and they don’t have sport peppers and fluorescent relish you might. Most of the time though, you leave the expectations for items that were historically served with high tea.


can’t you see the hot dog disappointment in his eyes?

Lesson #3: If at first you don’t succeed, call your mom. Or try, try again. Whichever works best for you. In my case, I’ve experienced my mom’s blueberry scones first-hand and there’s no question that’s the better option.

lemon blueberry scones, scone recipe, baking, breakfast, recipes, lessons in baking

Lesson #4: Don’t post a recipe on your blog if it sucks. You’re welcome. Sorry if the photos make you want blueberry scones. Trust me these look prettier than they tasted. I’ll be sure to share a recipe that not only photographs well, but one that actually tastes less like a plain biscuit here soon. Until then, consider yourself free to indulge in some other form of carbohydrate today as an alternative.

I hope you had a nice holiday celebrating with friends and family, food and sunshine. How humbling it is each year to reflect on the service and sacrifice these men and women have made so that we can live freely. So that our biggest worry the next morning is how the scones turned out.


The perks of a long weekend

Bet you didn’t think Tuesday could feel like a Monday, did ya? Neither did I but here it is. The dreaded post-Labor Day Tuesday that feels like a Monday. At least we’re all in it together. Well, except for those smart people who took the whole week off. But they’ll be right there with us next Monday. You can trust that.

I’ve decided that all weekends should be four days long. And yes, I realize that this would then make my Tuesday feels like Monday situation a regular thing but I’m OK with that.

If not all weekends at least one per month. Let’s consider the benefits:

  • You would be able to visit your family more often (this is assuming you like spending time with your family. If not please skip to bullet #5)


  • And while visiting your family you would have time to pick up your nephews from school. And within minutes one would open the car door into the other one’s forehead. Aunt of the year material right there. I can’t make this stuff up.

baskin robbins ice cream

  • You could eat ice cream at 3:00 in the afternoon. Mostly because you planned to do it, but also because it’s 100 degrees and you feel bad that you are returning a damaged child.

springfield illinois running trail baseball game

  • You get to spend more time outside. Enjoying a hot and humid nice long run along a water-less beautiful trail and enjoying an even hotter lovely baseball game.

incredibly delicious vanilla strawberry cake, thumbprint cookies, young house love book, blueberry lemon poppyseed scones

  • A chance to celebrate with presents, birthday cake and thumbprint cookies. And if a holiday is not cause for the weekend, you can justify the cake because a 4-day weekend is a holiday in itself. You’re welcome.

greater swiss mountain dog finn

  • Naps.

sunset country roads illinois

  • More time to experience sunsets like this. A chance to roll the windows down (if your 4-day weekend occurs from May-October) and find beauty in the place you were raised.

So now that I’ve made you hot, hungry, tired and reconsidering children with my Tuesday that feels like a Monday post I’d like to remind you that tomorrow is….

And we can all find humor in that. Have a great week!