>Crafty Owl Cookies…


You’re going to see a theme as of late with my new obsession…fall. Early in September, we were hit with a week or so of cool weather and its been downhill for me ever since. And while the cool temps have dissipated, my urge for everything fall has only increased exponentially. In a matter of weeks I’ve eaten more candy corn than I care to disclose, bought several cans of pumpkin, pulled out the fall decorations and have been ogling over the October issues of Martha, Cooking Light and other crafty publications. It was only fitting then, that when a co-worker’s birthday fell in late-September, that she received a batch of sugar cookies-Fall-style.  
I ran across these cute owl cookies when searching for tailgate recipes last weekend and was just itching for an excuse to make them. After realizing my own stencil was huge, I dug out my baking goodies and was pleased to find several fall cookie cutters I apparently purchased last year. Voila! Surprise fall mix! I used my standard Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe, but any cut-out recipe will do.
Plenty more fall ideas coming your way including tailgate and pumpkin recipes from a few weeks ago…but I recommend these cute owls if you are anything like me and trying to bring fall into your life, perhaps a little prematurely.

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