>It’s Apple Season…


So I’m a little obsessed with apples. I don’t remember having such an affection for the fruit growing up, but I look forward to my 4:00 snack every day now in my adulthood. Yes, apparently I’ve reverted back to snack-time. Apples are just one of many reasons I love the fall season and after experiencing the best apple I’ve ever eaten on a trip to visit family in Minnesota last fall, I was hooked. 
Say hello to the Sweetango, a cross between the Honeycrisp and the Zestar apple developed by the University of Minnesota and filled with pure awesomeness. I went into a slight depression after I returned last fall and was forced to turn to the parent version since the fruit is only available in Minnesota, and even more depressed when Honeycrisps went out of season earlier this year. Well good news folks, they’re back! And because my aunt loves me (or pities me for my obsession), I was greeted with a package full of fresh Sweetangos from the mailman this weekend!! The only problem now is deciding which recipes are worthy enough to use a Sweetango in 🙂

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