St. Patty’s Sweets…

I was a little early on the St. Patrick’s Day goodies this year as my mom’s birthday fell the weekend before and I wanted to have a small treat to surprise her when she came to visit. Enter the mom-loved cake ball bite!
I’ve been practicing with my piping to create shapes to top my cake bites/cookies and with a small batch of green candy melts leftover shamrocks seemed logical. Fortunately, I think my mother is one of the few who doesn’t mind having holiday-themed treats around her birthday so it worked out well. And with a luncheon at work the day before St. Patrick’s Day, I needed little encouragement to try my hand at more piping with some shamrock cookies.
I’ve been busy this week so all I have is iPhone photos for now. Watch for another post (hopefully) with detail shots of the process. In the meantime, I bring you St. Patty’s Day sweets, made early, posted late 🙂

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