Prayer and Gratitude

I wanted to come back from my blog vacation and share with you the beautiful wedding of Claire and Ian, complete with a breathtaking view of the 18th hole at Torrey Pines, La Jolla sunsets and the chatter of friends and family.


Or the unique ways that Austin gets into your soul and makes you appreciate southern hospitality in a city that really doesn’t look much like Texas.


I wanted to share these experiences and more with you today but I’ve had a few equally impactful days this past week that are making it hard to think of much else.

As a result my eyes are puffy, my brain is mush and my heart is heavy.

And while this blog provides a nice outlet for clearing my head and sharing my experiences with each of you, I’m not sure I’m ready to do it just yet.

And so I ran into the fresh fall air. With a worried heart, an empty stomach and a tired body. Hoping that what has healed me in the past will heal me again. Knowing that the sadness I feel is nothing compared to the discomfort of those I love.

running, austin, texas, lady bird lake trail

And I sat alone and prayed. Prayed that the affected individuals would find peace and comfort soon. And knowing that when that happens the rest of us will find comfort too.

la jolla, sunset, la jolla beach, california

And I found gratitude. In the many ways I’ve been blessed over the years. In how lucky I am to be a happy, healthy person with a loving family, great friends and a puppy that has my whole heart.

greater swiss mountain dog, puppy, finn, swissy

And believe it or not I started to feel better. The fear slowly transitioning to hope. The sadness to joy.

Fresh air, prayer and gratitude. Three things I’m holding very close this weekend.

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