My dog ate my scarf

Happy Friday!

I know you probably don’t need a post to lift your spirits on a Friday because well, it’s Friday for goodness sake, but in case you do, know that your Friday is off to a better start that Finn and I’s.

Why you might ask? Well on Wednesday, this sweet-looking dog…

greater swiss mountain dog puppy, Finn, what my dog ate, swissy, gsmd

Ate this well-traveled scarf.

my dog ate my scarf, swiss mountain dog, swissy

Mostly used for dog walks and trips to the gym as of late, this scarf had seen it all. There we are together just after Jake was born. And on the right is the time we navigated NYC in the freezing rain. We had some good times, my goes-with-everything-scarf and I. Perhaps that’s why Finn decided it’s time had come this week?

greater swiss mountain dog eats scarf, swissy, puppy problems

Such a sweetheart, my dog, to leave me a 1 foot-by-six-inch piece of my scarf to show me just how busy he had been that day. He even left me a clean line so I’d have no clue whether he shredded it or ate all 3-plus feet of it in big pieces.

So I’ve been dealing with the ramifications of trusting a 1-year and 8-month-old pup at home alone and Finn has been dealing with a very full belly for the past couple of days.

greater swiss mountain dog puppy, Finn, what my dog ate, swissy, gsmd

I am relieved, grossed out and happy to report that most of the scarf is now out and per usual, Finn seems to be showing no remorse for his actions. What a proud moment when I dropped him off at daycare today and was told that this is the first time they’ve ever heard of a dog eating a scarf in all of their years.

I guess if you’re going to be good at something, you might as well be great at it!

greater swiss mountain dog puppy, Finn, what my dog ate, swissy, gsmd

Have a good weekend. I’m excited race season is starting back up! If you’re running this weekend, you must check out this post. It’s pretty spot-on.



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