New series: A dog was here

a dog was here photography series, dog still life, puppy toys, pet photography series

Sometimes I catch myself seeing life’s moments as photos, only I don’t have a camera in my hand. Have you ever had that feeling? You experience a moment and suddenly life slows down and you picture the way a picture would capture it. I’m sure the analytical folks reading have already opened a new browser tab and moved onto figuring out who has to take claim of Bieber after that hockey loss last week, but for those of you still with me, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Enter a new series I am calling, a dog was here. I can’t take credit for coming up with the idea as it stems from a similar series a group of photographers I follow participated in this fall called Kids were here. In the series, the photographers share beautiful photos documenting evidence that kids were there. Life with kids is chaotic but seeing the toys, messes, undergarments and food scraps in still photographs gives you a sense of peace, beauty and fun.

I followed the series for a while last year and it wasn’t until today as I was picking up Finn’s toys for the umpteenth time this weekend that I paused, smiled and then grabbed my camera.

a dog was here photography series, dog still life, puppy toys, pet photography series

Perhaps it’s the way Hank the Horse’s friendly eyes look at you as he lays in the most twisted of positions once Finn is done chewing on him. Or maybe it’s because he was the first toy I bought Finn just days after bringing him home, the only one he’s not destroyed (minus one leg that bit the dust early on in their relationship), the one he wraps his arms around and snuggles in his kennel when he sleeps.

a dog was here photography series, dog still life, puppy toys, pet photography series

This morning’s “mess” made it very obvious that a dog was here, that my dog was here, and that the mess my dog made meant we had a fun morning playing together, all of us. And I’m thankful for that.

I’m going to try to share my series with you each week, but I’d ask that you help me to do so. If you have a dog in your life, please share your photos of the things they leave around the house (unless it’s a “present” if you know what I mean). I won’t limit you to dogs. All pets are welcome. Kids too. Moms, dads, sisters and brothers. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the messes and the people and pets who cause them.

You can link up in the comments below or share your photo on my Facebook page or on Instagram with the tag #adogwashere. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Have a great week!

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