A dog was here: Week 3

a dog was here photography series, dog toys on coffee table, photography, greater swiss mountain dog

Finn spent most of his weekend socializing with his friends in the neighborhood. The weather finally warmed up enough yesterday for us to get out and play so I took him over to a new dog park to see what all the hype was about. First of all let me explain that the dog park […]

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A dog was here: Week 2

a dog was here photography series, pet photography, frog toy, beaver toy, swiss mountain dog, evidence of a dog

Thanks for coming back for week two of a dog was here, a photography series. I’d like to thank everyone for their submissions over the past week. And by everyone I mean my dad who alone has submitted enough entries to create a hybrid series I’m calling: Murfdog was here. In this series, Murf documents his life […]

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New series: A dog was here

a dog was here photography series, dog still life, puppy toys, pet photography series

Sometimes I catch myself seeing life’s moments as photos, only I don’t have a camera in my hand. Have you ever had that feeling? You experience a moment and suddenly life slows down and you picture the way a picture would capture it. I’m sure the analytical folks reading have already opened a new browser […]

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