It’s the best day of the year!

bastille, riviera theater, chicago

So what you’re telling me is you like big announcement posts? Judging by the explosion of hits my ‘we’re moving to Florida‘ announcement got yesterday I’d say you do. I don’t blame you. Announcements are exciting, dramatic and joyful.

How let down are you going to be then to be met with a plain old Tuesday blog post today?

April Fool’s?


Had I remembered that today was April Fool’s, oh let’s say yesterday, I may have postponed my announcement just to see how many of you believed me. Truth is we are moving and even a prank-loving girl like me knows misleading you that way is just…completely expected. Kind of like the rest of these overused Facebook jokes.

If I were going to do an April Fool’s joke related to our move, I would text Matt, who just landed in Bosnia on less than 3 hours of sleep, and tell him that I was reconsidering the house we are set to move into in Florida later this month. That I’d rather get a place on the water in Siesta Key and that I’m considering opening a yoga studio.

april fools joke, texts, iphone


Well I would have nailed it if he hadn’t of gone all supportive on me and my fake attempt at a new life of zen.

An April Fool’s Tip: Know your target’s weaknesses. Trust is your weapon.

For more tips and to read more about my family’s history with this holiday, check out this post.

And while I do have one prank out of the way on this April Fool’s Day, I don’t feel like I’m at the top of my game. You see, I’m tired. I accompanied my cousins to the Bastille show last night at the Riviera and while they put on a great set, I was ever-so-cognizant of my increasing age throughout the night:

6:15 p.m.-This line is all kids. (you’re old)

Seriously though, everyone is either 17 or 50. (you’re old, they’re older)

6:30-I’ve never seen so many selfies in my whole life (you’re old)

6:45-Ok there’s a bar. That’s a good sign (I’m too tired to drink)

7:15-The opener hasn’t even come on and my feet hurt already (you’re old)

bastille, riviera theater, chicago

7:30- Everyone is snapchatting. Turns to cousins. Do you guys use SnapChat? They don’t. (whew, me neither)

8:30-OK that couple is totally in their late twenties. I’m good. (are you though?)

8:45- It’s official. I’m going to lose a little bit of hearing after this is over. Are those girls crying with joy right now? (they are)

9:30- They don’t seriously expect us to jump up and down do they? (they do)

9:50- These guys are good. I should add them to my Pandora. Do you guys use Pandora? (they don’t)

10:00- Great show. I can’t wait to get up for work tomorrow. (you’re old)

Have a good day. Stay alert my friends!




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