So we moved to Florida

new house, florida, lakewood ranch, sarasota, swiss mountain dog

I told you I’d check in once we got settled and even though we are anything but, I thought I would update you anyway. What can I say I like you guys more than unpacking boxes.

Dad, Finn and I arrived Wednesday evening with 1,200 miles and four states under our belts. We were very fortunate to miss the tornados that passed through Alabama on Monday and Tuesday and to find out the road we were going to take through the panhandle was closed due to flooding before we left on Wednesday morning.

alabama, road trip, driving, finn goes to florida

While I don’t recommend spending two days in the car to just anyone, my dad and I are pretty good co-pilots. We both really enjoyed seeing the wildflowers in Kentucky, the rolling hills in Alabama and the traffic enforcement in Georgia. Ok maybe not that last one so much. The good news is we still love each other after that much time together. And I’m even considering penning a coffee table book about the Illinios coal basin now thanks to the first four hours of coal fun facts from my Dad.

As for Finn, I wasn’t sure what to expect after we reached 3 hours in the car as he typically slept on trips from Chicago to Springfield, but let’s just say I don’t think he could name one out of the four states we traveled through. Yes, I realize that would assume my dog could name states or speak but you get the point.

greater swiss mountain dog, finn goes to florida, puppy, swissy, car ride


This dog had the entire back seat all to himself and yet he contorted himself into positions either between the front seat or with his body on the floorboards and his feet where his body should have been. And he slept. The whole time.

greater swiss mountain dog, finn goes to florida, puppy, swissy, car ride

There were a few moments he woke up though, mostly when we stopped for food, gas or bathroom breaks.

So we arrived Wednesday night to a partially-furnished house. Matt and his brother had driven straight through with the truck and unloaded it before we arrived which was 1) Crazy and 2) Awesome.

new house, florida, lakewood ranch, sarasota, swiss mountain dog


Since then we’ve spent all of our time unpacking and showing my Dad a few spots before he leaves.

Yesterday we visited IMG Academy where Matt’s new team trains.

IMG academy, florida, sports

And last night we took my dad down to Lido beach and St. Armands circle for dinner.

lido beach, sarasota florida, beach, visit, family

If you’re anything like me the only thing you care about when someone moves is seeing their new house. I promise I’ll give you a tour once it’s presentable, but until then I’ll share with you six things I’m really excited about with our new kitchen. Keep in mind I just saw it for the first time when we arrived so this is before putting it to use but I’m really excited nonetheless.

new house features, kitchen, subway tile, swiss mountain dog,

1. Subway tiles

2. Enough cabinet space for more than 4 wine glasses

3. An outlet in the island

4. HD-TV

5. A cool tile floor for Finn

6. Water in the fridge door

I realize the fact I didn’t have any of these before are first-world problems, but let’s just say I’m pretty pumped to get back to baking in this new kitchen. Did I mention we have a pantry!?!?

Have a great weekend!

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