On Valentines

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone. Seems sort of awkward to be celebrating today but what else do you do when this shows up on your front porch?

IMG_9390.JPGThat’s right. Years of Catholic school didn’t stop my dad from scheduling my Valentine to arrive on Ash Wednesday.

Typical Murf.

I shouldn’t be surprised really. I mean this is the same guy who included yogurt-coated dog treats a few years ago before Finn was even in the picture. The same one who probably giggled at the exact time my faced flushed as the intercom blared that I needed to come to the office to accept a flower delivery from a ‘secret admirer’ in 7th grade.

The guy who still thinks his best year yet was the one in which he delivered my sister and I leopard print high-heeled shoes made completely out of chocolate.

And while I poke fun at the scenarios, I realize I’m very lucky.

Lucky to have grown up always celebrating love and thankful for the first guy that showed me what it meant.


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