7 ways creating a wedding registry is different when you’re 30

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Matt and I had made the leap into registering for our wedding. And as you can imagine, that kind of process comes with a slew of random observations, opinions you never thought the other person had and a small chance at a huge argument over tupperware. Here’s a hint on the last one. Don’t go out and register after you run a half marathon because you will be equal parts hangry and exhausted and the idea of tupperware might just make you lose it altogether.

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But we survived. And actually realized our tastes are even more similar than originally thought. Something that makes spending far too much time in a department store a little bit more enjoyable. We also learned that registering when you’re 30 is significantly different than when you’re in your 20s. Here are seven ways:

1. Serving pieces including ‘borrowed’ KAMS pitchers, mismatched plates and reusable Za’s cups from college are no longer socially acceptable.


2. Every item available leads you into an internal struggle of upgrading or leaving it off the list because you’ve made it this far with those IKEA bowls so what’s another 10 years?

3. Similarly, you’ve already received the big kitchen items for birthdays and Christmases over the last 5 years because a Kitchen Aide is better than a Birkin in your mind.

4. All of your friends already have kids so you are ever so conscious of items passing a childproof test before making the list. Swarovski buyer beware.

5. You strongly consider asking crate and barrel to start a mortgage assistance program.

6. You wonder if Pottery Barn will just transfer your credit/discounts to their kids store after the wedding.

7. You spend more time weighing the pros and cons of a good coffee maker than you did for your reception venue.

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