The short game awaits

One of the perks of having a blog is having an open forum to celebrate the accomplishments of friends and family. But blogging has a dark side, too. Like when you realize your dad just finished his last day of work after nearly 40 years and you didn’t do much more than congratulate him over the phone and FaceTime him for his weekly technology troubleshooting session (additional charges do not apply).

We won’t go into the reasons for your unpreparedness. That he had mentioned retiring for the last two years, had set the date upwards of six times and like a boy who cried wolf (or a responsible guy concerned for the welfare of his department) kept letting that date pass.

But he finally did it. A reporter, turned press-secretary, turned Ag then coal guy, finally left his post with the State of Illinois after [dad please insert years of service in the comment section]. And like his better half, downtown Springfield will take another small hit this week.

Grab-a-Java will likely see iced coffee profits move from their downtown location to the west side of town. Starbucks will reduce their sweet and low and Starbucks Via packet bulk orders to accommodate for the loss of such a unique patron and shoe shine Joe will have to find a new guy to run his junk for cash ring with.

The good news is the State Fair is right around the corner and Murf can participate in his parade for turkey legs, drinking shake ups and shaking hands along the way.

Congrats on a well-deserved retirement, Murf! Now you have time to work on your short game. And figure out your iPhone.


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