On Christmas cards 

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Oh hey guys.

I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that I have not prioritized spending quality time with my blog as much as I should have lately. Turns out when you move closer to friends and family you actually end up spending more time with friends and family. In person. Like real life BFF and heart eye emojis. I suppose that’s actually good news packaged as bad news but I’m an optimist so sue me.

The other good news is that my wordpress domain automatically renewed itself so at least one half of this relationship is committed for another year.

You may be wondering, so Sarah what’s it like to have all these words and random musings in your head but not making enough time to share them with the blogosphere regularly?

You’ll have to ask Matt but I’d imagine it’s equivalent to the reaction you’d get by bringing your husband with you to Target two weeks before Christmas. #somanythresholdmusthaves #somanypeopleintheaisle


Speaking of husbands, it’s time for double Jeopardy.

I’ll take things husbands say each year when it comes time to order Christmas cards for 800, Alex.

People actually pay professional photographers to take Christmas card photos? Seriously? Well, we will not be those people.

Can’t we just buy some with snowmen or holly on them and be done with it? 

They cost how much? 

We might as well send Valentine’s Day cards at this point 

Next category is things you hear when your sister asks you to bring home your camera for the weekend to ‘get a few photos’ of she and the boys for Christmas cards and you have approximately 35 minutes of daylight and 10-12 minutes of patience from 3/4 of your subjects.

I’m cold.

I’m cold.

I’m cold. 

Think we got any good ones? 

Ok let’s go I’m cold. 


By the power of the Christmas spirit we survived another Christmas card season. Even with Jake in tow.


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