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For this child, we have prayed

It seems fitting that I begin any of my less-than-frequent blog posts lately with an apology. The intro is typically where I tell you how busy we’ve been or how sidetracked I’ve gotten with work or Finn or my success in developing a white chocolate chip cookie recipe with a texture hard enough to break records for Matt’s birthday this year.

The flavor was good, though!

So I suppose I should start this post by apologizing for my absence on the blog lately.

My bad.

The truth is I thought this would be one of the easiest posts I would ever write. After all, I’ve written this post in my head more times than I can count over the past two years. Drafting the words and willing the opportunity to actually be able to put them into print (or in this case digital format) to finally share them with our friends and family.

If you’re starting to worry, stick with me as this story has a happy ending, but given the road that brought us here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the challenges we faced along the way.

Because as many times as I prayed for this outcome, I faced the reality of another month where the only draft I had was an alternate version that involved all kinds of tests and ‘it will happens’ and doubt.

I wanted to share the struggles we experienced because I know how many other couples face them too. I wanted to share them because I knew there were so many more that would continue to struggle even after our prayers were answered.

But I couldn’t find the words.

How ironic that when the time finally came where we felt comfortable enough to share our good news, I still struggle to find the words to actually share it with you.

For those of you keeping track, you can go ahead and mark this down as one of the few times I was ever at a loss for words in my life.

Ok, let’s move on.

And don’t think I was the only one. A lot of folks get prayer credit for this blessing. Bonus points to my mom for including it in her Lenten journey this year.

So without further ado as I just totally buried the lead by making you read this far, Finn has some news he’d like to formally share with all of you.

baby announcement, greater swiss mountain dog, swissy, baby, letterboard frame baby announcement,

Sure he may look excited in this photo, but that was only after we told him that he and the baby would share a love for frequent naps and meals.

baby announcement, greater swiss mountain dog, swissy, baby, letterboard frame baby announcement,

Reality soon set in once he realized all the attention would no longer be focused on him on a daily basis.

baby announcement, greater swiss mountain dog, swissy, baby, letterboard frame baby announcement,

We are overjoyed to be able to share our good news with all of you and we are looking forward to an exciting New Year. Thank you for your continued prayers. We can’t tell you how much it means to us to be surrounded by so much love.

baby announcement, greater swiss mountain dog, swissy, baby, letterboard frame baby announcement,






The year of cotton

Can you still count yourselves as newlyweds if you sit down to dinner the week of your second wedding anniversary and agree that neither of you have anything important on the schedule this week?


The truth is year two was just about as full as year one, minus a few international soccer trips.

Let’s take a look back:

After learning of a great job opportunity back in the Midwest, we soaked in as many sunsets as we could during our last summer on the Gulf Coast.


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Another week in the books

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2 of 2.

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We finally got around to checking a few items off our Sarasota bucket list:

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Because #mangroves #sarasotabucketlist

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We celebrated a new set of newlyweds back on our old stomping grounds.

We visited NYC. Separately but it still counts.

We said goodbye to great friends in Florida.

We survived Hurricane Hermine and multiple broken down Penske trucks in our attempt to leave the State of Florida. You can read more about that adventure here.

We moved into another new house and we (ok mostly I) obsessed over our first fall season back in the Midwest:

We loved being so close to friends and family for the holidays again:

christmas card photos, christmas tree farm, holiday photos, christmas, family, photography christmas card photos, christmas tree farm, holiday photos, christmas, family, photography

We attended our first Blues game and tried our best not to let on that we were Blackhawks fans.

St. Louis Blues Hockey, Blues,

We formalized our lunch dates and moved them outside the training room.

We finally got back on the slopes for a fun trip to Vail for some spring skiing.

vail, colorado, vail brewing company, vail village, lionshead village, ski vacation, spring skiing vail, colorado, vail brewing company, vail village, lionshead village, ski vacation, spring skiing vail, colorado, vail brewing company, vail village, lionshead village, ski vacation, spring skiing

And we kicked off summer concert season by reminding everyone that even thirty-somethings can dress down up and have a good time every once in a while.

Eric Church, St. Louis


To my sleeveless pearl-snap buttoned husband on our second wedding anniversary,

In the past year, we’ve gone from celebrating in separate countries and working weekends to Saturday date nights and Sunday Costco runs. We’ve traded flat sandy beaches for a hilly Midwest river town. But no matter the circumstances or the terrain, sharing this journey of life with you gets better every day.

That being said, I believe the second anniversary is cotton so I bought us some new sheets.


Your lucky wife.

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Matters of the heart

They say time flies when you’re having fun.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And they also say you should probably create your wedding video prior to the eve of your first anniversary.

Well I say two out of three ain’t bad.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our wedding day. On the one hand it feels like just yesterday we were finalizing details and using all the big-ticket grandparent prayers we could for what turned out to be a beautifully sunny and warm spring day. On the other hand it seems like so much has happened over the past 365 days:

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Dinner and a view. 🌅

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  • We enjoyed some romantic meals and date nights
  • And we had a lot of visitors

So since I’m sure my husband is already celebrating our anniversary across the world right now in Goa, India (barring another record heat-induced power outage), I thought I’d share my better late than never look back on the day that I was blessed with the opportunity to walk through life holding this guy’s hand.

Sarah + Matt

(photos courtesy of the oh-so-talented Wright Photographs)

The little things 

Do you know how I know my husband loves me? Well hopefully more reasons than I’m going to list today, but I’m a sucker for the little things so let’s focus on that today.

Disclaimer: The following interpretation is based on more than 6 years of close observation of a significant other who is the type A+ to my type A-. 

It’s not often that I get a chance to meet Matt at the gym on a workday. He prefers to go earlier in the afternoon and my work schedule limits me to short evening runs around the neighborhood and weekend mornings for maneuvering meat heads at the gym. Occasionally, our schedules overlap and I have a chance to workout at the same time. And by that I simply mean we enter the facility together and leave together with occasional winks and head nods in between. But on the rare occasion I have a chance to invade his gym time, you can almost guarantee I have not prepared a bag to make the transition. That’s where a quick text list of essentials and a thoughtful husband comes in. But not just any husband. One that will make absolutely sure you have everything you could possibly need, whether you are walking into spin class or the Tour de France.

Exhibit A:

Simple enough right? Not for the well-prepared man. Because this man I married will take no chance that I will not have enough supplies in that bag to make it through a light workout, or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  • Here were yesterday’s findings:  
  • 3 pairs of underwear to choose from (because unfortunately I’ve explained in detail several times how workout underwear is different than work underwear which is different than working around the house underwear, amiright girls?)
  • Two sports bras (if you don’t know me intimately I should clarify that I clearly only need one for support)
  • Socks (great addition for the girl that typically forgets those)
  • Spandex shorts, running shorts and wunder under crops
  • Nikes
  • Blue Lulu top
  • Two pairs of headphones
  • 4 hair ties
  • Deodorant (thanks babe)
  • Snacks (nobody wants to make bad decisions in Target following a good workout)

Feeling far more prepared than If I had packed my own gym bag especially in the perspiration area, I walk out of the locker room with a smile on my face and spot Matt doing some crazy exercise across the gym wearing the male version of my exact outfit. Mind you, the outfit he just chose less than an hour earlier.

I give him a head nod. He shakes his head.

Later, I bring up the twinning scenario (one we are all too familiar with) and learn he picked out his outfit even after packing my bag. I giggle and mentally check a point in my head for times my type A+ guy pulled a type A- Sarah move.


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(NOTE: photos is from a previous matching gym trip)