Farewell Chicago: Running in the city

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Switching up Workout Wednesday this week to bring you the first in what will probably be many installments of my farewell tour of Chicago. It is about running so I guess it can count as a Workout Wednesday post as well. When I first moved to this city 6 years ago, I made a Chicago bucket […]

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Workout Wednesday: Running like the wind

running gear, workout tips, workout wednesday, resistance training, running against the wind

I wish I could start this by telling you that the subject line is based on my incredibly fast pace as of late. Or that whenever I run I feel like the wind is at my back just easily and breezily pushing me along. That running on the treadmill all winter long has not affected […]

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Workout Wednesday: Rest Day

tips for a rest day, running tips, how not to sabotage a rest day, cancun, hammock

Hey guess what happened in Chicago last night? That’s right. It snowed again. Needless to say we are really thrilled about it. We should be though because they were calling for 9 inches and we only got 4. Nonetheless I’m back for another Workout Wednesday to talk about something that seems somewhat counterproductive in terms of exercise, […]

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Workout Wednesday: Go with your gut

Happy Workout Wednesday! Can you believe it’s March? I can’t. Seriously I can’t because it looks like this outside right now: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sarah Zalewski (@slmurphy) Regardless of unseasonable weather, we’re back for another installment of Workout Wednesday. Today I’m telling you to go with your gut when […]

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Workout Wednesday: Vacation-style

vacation workout tips, travel workout tips, bench workout, park bench dips, workout wednesday, simply social blog

It’s workout Wednesday, vacation-style. It seems only fitting to talk about workouts in warmer climates in the midst of yet another winter snowstorm doesn’t it? I thought so too. Now I’m not saying you have to exercise on your vacation. Some people prefer to use it as a recovery period and that’s fine. If you’re […]

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Workout Wednesday: Pet Peeves and Pick-me-ups

gym pet peeve bingo, gym don'ts, things not to do at the gym, the most annoying gym goers

Hey guys! It’s Workout Wednesday! I can’t help but hear a studio audience yell out “Workout Wednesday!” each week I type that out. Don’t worry, my studio audience is way more Ellen than Jerry Springer-style. They are likely wearing brightly colored yoga pants and dancing, just as Oprah would recommend. And they laugh at all […]

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Workout Wednesday: Warming up

man reading while on leg press machine, simply social blog

Let’s treat this like free-throws and go two-for-two on this Workout Wednesday thing, shall we? This past weekend, I ran outside for the first time in a long time and it reminded me 1) how fun black ice can be and 2) how I never make the time to warm up my legs before I […]

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Workout Wednesday: Running Indoors

indoor running essentials, treadmill workout, simply social blog, tips for running on a treadmill, workout gear

I hope you’ll indulge me as I try something new this year on the blog, a new theme I am calling Workout Wednesday. And before we get into it, I know what you’re thinking: What a unique name! No other blogger has ever been creative enough to come up with a theme that balances equal […]

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Recaps and Resolutions

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It seems only fitting to take a few moments and reflect on 2013 before we head full-swing into the new year. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, primarily because I’m just as guilty of letting them go as the next person, but I do feel that they serve a purpose. After all, it was […]

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Lessons in cookie decorating

Last night I faced a serious dilemma. I had a lot of baking and decorating to do but my back was locked up like Chris Brown during the holiday season. See what I did there? In all seriousness, my back tends to lock up on me if I spend a lot of time standing in […]

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