Workout Wednesday: Vacation-style

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It’s workout Wednesday, vacation-style. It seems only fitting to talk about workouts in warmer climates in the midst of yet another winter snowstorm doesn’t it?

magnificent mile, winter storm, chicago, michigan avenue

I thought so too.

workout wednesday, simply social blog, workout tips, exercises

Now I’m not saying you have to exercise on your vacation. Some people prefer to use it as a recovery period and that’s fine. If you’re like me though, you see vacations as an anthropological opportunity. Translation: an opportunity to eat and drink anything and everything the local culture is known for. In excess. This is truly the only way to experience a new culture. Man I love anthropology.

Even if you’re not into cultural assimilation, there’s a good chance you’ll be indulging more on vacation than you normally do. Getting out for a few workouts are a great way to make room for the next meal, liquid or solid. Plus, your body could some movement after sitting on a plane for 3 hours.

So let’s go through some workout tips while your traveling, shall we?

Seek water and run alongside it. Oceans are great. Lakes are cool and rivers work too. Chances are if there is a body of water in the area you are visiting, there will be some sort of bike and running trail also. Lace up your running shoes and enjoy the scenery. No equipment needed!

san francisco, bay bridge, sunrise, sunset
San Francisco
running, austin, texas, lady bird lake trail
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la jolla, sunset, la jolla beach, california
La Jolla

Pack the right gear. Yes you would need to pack various sets of workout clothes if you decide to exercise on your vacation. And no, it’s not like that one pair of jeans you can wear 3 times during the week. These are one and done outfits. Fortunately workout gear does not take up that much room and doesn’t wrinkle easily. In an effort to save space in my suitcase, I pack my running shoes in my carry-on. Most running shoes are light and you can use the extra space for other essentials like:

  • Flipbelt. The front pouch is perfect for your hotel key and cash. Put your phone in the back for music, photos and emergency Google mapping.
  • Watch. To chart your distance and time.
  • Sunscreen. You don’t just need it for the beach.
  • Dryer sheets. Put one in each shoe and save a few more for your dirty laundry bag on the way home.
  • Headphones with a speaker. To better communicate with your sister when she calls you during her commute (and your run). Safety Tip: When running alone, only put one earbud in so you are aware of your surroundings. 
  • Running Hat. Protect your face from sun and sweat.

Read more about my go-to running gear here.

Make the most of your surroundings. It’s not often that you run out of trail to run on but in some cases you just don’t have the chance to run safely for very far. In my case last weekend, the riverwalk I was running on only lasted about a mile or so. Knowing my motivation wouldn’t support repeating the sequence multiple times, I opted to use it as a warm-up and try some other exercises using what I had around me.

vacation workout tips, pier to pier sprints, workout wednesday

If I’m being completely honest, I ran past this pier multiple times before considering using it for sprints. As I ran past it the final time I considered the distance and view and thought,

Huh. I bet you could do a quick sprint workout on that fishing pier.

And then I continued running.

The end of the path is right there, Sarah. What are you going to do now go back to the gym and get on a treadmill? It’s February and you have a chance to be outside all morning. 

I turned around and considered how far I’d actually be able to sprint without landing in the water.

Ok. Maybe just a few. It’s been a while since I let my legs go fast. 

I only did 5 sets. Each were maybe 50 yard sprints at best. As a result, my quads still feel like knives are cutting them two days later. It felt good to let my legs go fast. I haven’t done sprint work in a very long time and I forgot how different it is.

vacation workout tips, travel workout tips, bench workout, park bench dips, workout wednesday, simply social blog

Did you know that these two benches work the exact same way for dips and push-ups? Sure you would look silly sitting and tossing bread at the ducks in the gym with the one on the right or grunting and attempting to lay flat on the one on the left, but when it comes to simple exercises, they serve the same purpose.

The key here is to find an empty bench in either location. Otherwise you just look arrogant. Work your triceps with 3 sets of 12 dips and flip around and continue with push-ups.

Then wash your hands.

Don’t forget to stretch. One thing I’ve always struggled with when working out while traveling is making time to stretch and foam roll. It’s easy enough when you’re at home in the gym with no immediate plans, but when I travel I am constantly hopping in the shower as soon as I’m done to get ready for work or the next activity. For that reason, I was thrilled to be greeted with this little gem when I arrived in Florida.

triggerpoint foam roll, travel size, workout wednesday, valentine's gift

Isn’t she cute? And though she be but small, she is fierce. Perfect size for travel and small enough to bring with you to the gym if yours doesn’t provide foam rolls for use. So fellas, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your lady, nothing says I love you like a foam roll to the piriformis.

Have a great workout!

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