Workout Wednesday: Go with your gut

Happy Workout Wednesday! Can you believe it’s March? I can’t. Seriously I can’t because it looks like this outside right now:

Regardless of unseasonable weather, we’re back for another installment of Workout Wednesday.

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Today I’m telling you to go with your gut when it comes to a workout.

And no I’m not suggesting that you lead with your belly. Nor that you have a belly to lead with for that matter. Speaking more figurative gut than literally gut if that makes any sense.

Let me explain.

My training plan said to run 3-4 miles last night.

My legs said stay home we’re tired.

My brain said it’s too cold and snowy to run outside. You should go to the gym.

My gut said run outside.

And so I did.

It’s kind of weird what happens when you follow your gut. Everything else finds a way of falling into place. Well not literally falling. But if your gut tells you to run in the snow you might want to prepare yourself for a spill or two as well.


My gut said run outside. And once I did, my legs felt strong and pushed me faster because of the cold. My brain reconsidered that gym suggestion as thoughts and concerns from the day cleared away with each mile. And my gut laughed when halfway through my eyes got a sneak peek at a future Chicago PD episode being shot in the neighborhood.

chicago PD filming in chicago, little italy, chicago PD television show, workout wednesday, running tops

Go with your gut. Even if your body doesn’t feel up to it. You’ll be glad you did.

Have a great workout!

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