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Relocation: One Penske Truck at a Time

Oh hey guys. Sarah here. Sorry it’s been a while, but things have been pretty crazy with the move back to the Midwest. If you’re thinking to yourself, how crazy can it be just loading your life into a truck and driving it 16 hours? Well, if you want to go ahead and grab yourself a 5 hour energy and a Red Bull, I’ll tell you. And don’t skimp on the good stuff. No amount of coffee will be enough for this ride.

Let’s start back at the end of August. The sun was shining and a yet-to-be named yet storm system was gaining strength out in the Gulf just in time for us to pick up our first Penske truck from the local dealer in Sarasota.

And then, as if Sarasota was showing it’s emotion at our leaving, the rain started to fall. Hard.

As Matt waited for the truck to arrive in the rain, I headed back towards the house to meet the movers, pausing briefly as I drove through an already flooded road just outside the Penske lot.

Timestamp: 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Per the advice of Brock at the Sarasota Penkse (let’s go ahead and name each one by location for future clarification purposes), we waited to pick up the car hauler until after the truck was loaded. That meant 3-4 more hours of rain before we had to drive a moving truck and a CR-V back through the flooded road, which was now a full-on river.

Should we have seen the signs we were set for an adventure when we were blocked by floodwaters at the only road that would lead us to Penske?

Or perhaps when they told us the trailer we rented wouldn’t fit on a 22-foot truck and we’d need to swap it out for a different one before we even left? Perhaps. But we documented our exit from the Sarasota Penkse with a hopeful smile as the weather guy reported that I-9 was now a Tropical Storm projected to make landfall as Hurricane Hermine near the panhandle of Florida by Thursday.


We’ll be on our way to Tennessee by that time, we optimistically thought. 

We were just north of Ocala when this happened.

And if you’re asking yourself, well how far did you make it before the first truck broke down?

This far.


A mere two hours in the rain to a truck stop just north of Ocala.

And unfortunately that’s as far as we’d make it for a few hours. Lisa’s husband, or brother or ex-husband informed us that we were not going to make it far with this particular sounds like its going to die, floor boards are melting my feet, jerking, shaking, AC and radio shorting out truck that is currently packed to the very edge with all of our belongings.

Now the good news is we were just 10 miles away from the Ocala Penske where they informed us that they had another truck of the same size waiting for us. We could spend the night in Ocala or they could call another set of movers to come over that night and ‘swap the load.’ We opted for the latter to try stay ahead of the storm, still hoping to make our reservation in Atlanta that evening.

Here’s a snapchat snapshot of what followed:

So they swapped the load and we set off for Atlanta Wednesday night but only made it as far as Valdosta to sleep for the night. The truck seemed better but as we set out Thursday morning, we ran into similar problems around Macon. After a brief stop at the Macon Penske dealership we were told nothing was wrong with Truck #2 and on we went.



By this point I was googling Penske dealers out ahead of our drive and basically calling them to tell them we were coming. Just before the mountains on Thursday afternoon, we made a call into the Dalton, GA Penske and told them we were bringing our second truck in for service as there was no way we were going to make it through the mountains with it.

I’ll never forget the look on the lead mechanics face when he came into the break room and gave us the news as if we were getting a terminal diagnosis from a physician.

Unfortunately we’ve seen this issue on a lot of these trucks before guys and it’s not good. It looks like this truck was just serviced for the same issue a few months ago and they didn’t fix it. It’s not good guys. It’s at least a 4-day job. But you came to the right place. We are the place all of the other dealers bring their trucks because our technicians are diamond certified. 

And then he said the words that became oh-so-familiar to us so quickly.

Guys, we’re going to have to swap the load. 

Why don’t you go enjoy a nice dinner on us while we see about getting the movers here. 

And then he said the words that would save us for the rest of the trip.

We’re not going to give you another 22-foot truck. We’re going to tow a new 26-foot truck down from Chatanooga. It has air brakes and less than 17,000 miles on it and should be a more comfortable ride for the remainder of your trip. 

So we went and enjoyed a nice dinner at Chilis and tried to find humor in the last two day’s events.

Timestamp: 9:00 p.m., Thursday, September 1, 2016

Timestamp: 8:00 a.m., Friday, September 2, 2016


Our new truck was amazing and we finally made it to St. Louis Friday evening, just a few days later (and a few more swapped loads) than we originally planned.

I’ll be back for part two where we unpacked boxes and found out how much of our stuff broke in the aforementioned load swapping.

And if you are wondering whether we would ever use Penske again after three trucks and as many days of moving, the answer is maybe. I don’t plan on ever moving ourselves again so that shouldn’t be a problem, but I will say their roadside and customer service made up for the crappy line of 22-foot trucks they acquired.

Until next time!


Matters of the heart

They say time flies when you’re having fun.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And they also say you should probably create your wedding video prior to the eve of your first anniversary.

Well I say two out of three ain’t bad.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our wedding day. On the one hand it feels like just yesterday we were finalizing details and using all the big-ticket grandparent prayers we could for what turned out to be a beautifully sunny and warm spring day. On the other hand it seems like so much has happened over the past 365 days:

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Dinner and a view. 🌅

A post shared by Sarah Zalewski (@slmurphy) on

  • We enjoyed some romantic meals and date nights
  • And we had a lot of visitors

So since I’m sure my husband is already celebrating our anniversary across the world right now in Goa, India (barring another record heat-induced power outage), I thought I’d share my better late than never look back on the day that I was blessed with the opportunity to walk through life holding this guy’s hand.

Sarah + Matt

(photos courtesy of the oh-so-talented Wright Photographs)


Yesterday we took Finn down to Venice to check out a dog beach we had heard about. And while he’s probably still mad at me for the inopportune timing of a large, salty wave that came over both of us as I attempted to get him to swim for the first time, judging by the fact that I had to wake him up this morning, I’d say he still had a blast.

Here’s a slideshow recap:

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


venice dog beach, florida, swiss mountain dog, beach day, gulf

venice dog beach, florida, swiss mountain dog, beach day, gulf

venice dog beach, florida, swiss mountain dog, beach day, gulf


Happy Monday!


Happy Birthday Jake!

Today is my youngest nephew Jake’s fourth birthday.

jake turns 4, what 4 year olds say, 4 year old funnies

It’s hard to believe we’ve only had four years of this precocious kid, but the laughter and joy he brings to our family is immeasurable.

It seems like just yesterday I was begging the concierge at the downtown Hilton Garden Inn to go wake up my dad so we could make the drive from Chicago to Springfield in time for Jake’s arrival. Fortunately for my sister, he came much faster than his older brother and fortunately for my dad and I, the concierge agreed.

brothers, jake birthday, jake and owen

Jake’s 4-going-on-14 personality can partially be attributed to his older brother Owen. Even with a good role model however, it’s been clear from the beginning that Jake would dance to the beat of his own drum. He’d also beat a lot of things, but let’s save that for later.


Jake is all boy. He has been from day one. If something can be used as a weapon, you better believe he will find a way to use it as one. If an object can be scaled, he will climb it. If there is a song to be sung, he will sing it with utmost enthusiasm. And if there are miscellaneous items missing from any one location, he’s your pirate and those items make up his booty.


He’s sweet too though, often telling his mommy how much he loves her, snuggling with Nana and letting his brother pick him up and carry him even as they get closer in size. Yes that last one is also because he’s incredibly lazy but let’s go with sweet for the sake of this paragraph.


But beyond all these traits, the thing I love most about Jake is his sense of humor. He’s funny. And not just in a toddlers do funny things kind of way, but in a this kid has pure comedic timing and he’s going to get into a lot of trouble over the years kind of way.


I can’t wait to be along for the ride. Happy 4th Birthday Jake!

Jake dances to pitbull from Sarah Murphy on Vimeo.

Mint Chocolate Trifle

So my oven broke last week just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I know what you’re thinking perfect timing. But after over analyzing my failed ombre cake this weekend I decided not to let it get to me. I decided to follow the advice of two of the wisest guys I know and just let it go.

Frozen by Jake and Owen from Sarah Murphy on Vimeo.

And then I decided to make a trifle.

st. patrick's day mint chocolate trifle, dessert, brownie and oreo trifle

The best part about this trifle is you don’t have to use your oven to make it. Ideally I would have baked the brownies included in it but when I’m layering one million decadent desserts in a dish to serve as one mega decadent dessert, my need for homemade ingredients goes out the window.

st. patrick's day mint chocolate trifle, dessert, brownie and oreo trifle

Mint Chocolate Trifle

  • 2 C Oreos, crushed
  • 1 C Andes mints, chopped
  • 1 package instant vanilla pudding
  • brownies
  • cool whip
  • milk

In a large bowl, whip milk into vanilla pudding mix until combined. Add a few drops of green food coloring. Place in fridge to set up.

Once you are ready to build the trifle, begin with a layer of brownies on the bottom of the dish.

Combine half of cool whip into pudding mixture. Add half of pudding on top of brownies. Add a layer of cool whip. Top with half of Oreo and Andes mint mixture. Repeat.

st. patrick's day mint chocolate trifle, dessert, brownie and oreo trifle

Try to avoid eating within two hours of running.

5 People I want to high-five

I’m a list maker. It’s a blessing and a curse really. Blessing because it keeps me from forgetting things and curse because I sometimes re-write my list halfway through just because I don’t like the way it looks.

My list making doesn’t begin and end at groceries. I make lists for projects at work, packing lists for my weekends away from home, ‘don’t forget’ lists to remind myself of the things I’ll forget on one of my other lists. There’s just something about physically writing an item down and crossing it off that makes me feel like I’m winning at life. I’ve tried a few apps and while they are handy, they aren’t the same. Don’t try to change me. Like a handwritten thank you card, my opinions on keeping this process old school will never change.

I like to make lists. I also like to high-five people. Here is a list of people/things I would like to high-five.

five people to high-five, tucker pups, zach galifianakis, jimmy fallon, brett eldredge, fitradio, barkpost

1. Brett Eldredge for his new song, the Beat of the Music. My FitRadio app has been loving this song about 2 miles into my run and I can’t complain. I may or may not prancercise along with it whenever it comes on.

2. Speaking of FitRadio, high-five for adding a DJ that spins my favorite country tracks during a workout. I’m more of a rap-or-dance-music-while-exercising kind of girl, but this DJ has been throwing Eric Church songs into the mix and I love me some Eric Church songs any time of day.

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3. West Loop dog activity center Tucker Pups for their ability to cause Finn fall asleep in these positions about two minutes in the door after a full day of play:

swissy sleeping, greater swiss mountain dog, tucker pups daycare, puppy sleeping in weird positions

4. This post for documenting other dogs that sleep in horribly awkward positions like mine does. It’s currently tied with this video that shows just how incredibly tough dogs are when they are faced with a cat.

5. Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galifianakis. One hand high-five to each at the same time for their latest skits.

Not only are they funny, but in the case of the latter, it is actually driving measurable traffic to It’s a marketing professional’s dream come true.  

So that’s my list. There are plenty more where that came from. Literally. I’m heading home this weekend and I need to make a list of things to pack.

Are you a list maker? Do you have someone who deserves a high-five? Link up below and share your comments with me. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend!

Everything is Awesome

My apologies for the delay in posting and for getting this tune in your head for the rest of eternity.

I traveled home this weekend to see my family and pick up my pooch. I was supposed to pick him up the weekend before but the roads were bad so we pushed it off a week. By this point Finn had been vacationing at Nana and Papooch’s palace for nearly three weeks. They insist that he was ‘no trouble at all,’ but 100 pounds of bark and fur surely takes its toll on empty nesters after a while. So on Friday, under sunny skies and cool temps, I headed south to Springfield.

Everything was awesome until I hit Bloomington.

winter road conditions, bloomington, winter weather, accidents

I like to think I’m pretty comfortable driving in the snow but this was some of the worst conditions I’ve ever experienced. The whiteout hit so fast that it caused miles of pileups and accidents. I think I heard on the radio once I was through Bloomington that there were at least 40 cars involved. Fortunately my self-talk and yoga breathing helped me through the worst of it and I only added an extra hour or so to my trip. It could have been much worse.

I made it home and was greeted by this crazy dude shortly thereafter.

Wet puppy kisses. Awesome.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, we celebrated with the boys that evening. Apparently there is way more candy involved in the holiday than I remember as a child.

valetines day candy, boys, valentines day

Please note the Pease’s box from my dad. Awesome.

We kicked off Saturday with a gymnastics class for Jake at a new gym in Springfield. Jake was pretty pumped to try it out, especially after Owen told him you got to wear sweat pants to class each time.

jake gymnastics class, little gym springfield, simply social blog

Sweat pants and hanging apparatuses? Awesome.

Each class the kids work on basic skills like log rolling, hanging on the bar and listening to the teachers. Jake spent most of his first visit attempting an unsupervised back flip on the rings and running into the wall and falling for laughs from the audience.

Watching Jake in a gymnastics class. Really Awesome.

After the class we grabbed lunch and then went to see the new Lego movie, hence the theme of this post. My sister and I laughed just as much as the boys did, especially when they used subversive adult jokes and mispronunciations of common human items like golf balls, band aids and super glue.

On Sunday I spent the morning playing in the snow with this guy. I know one dog who is going to be very sad when his unlimited supply of snowball snacks have melted.

swissy snow, greater swiss mountain dog, finn, puppy

We headed back to the city later that afternoon in time to celebrate the birthday of the last of the baby season girls, Ella. Well not really. She was asleep by the time I got there and I just wished her a happy birthday from the door and then snuggled up on the chair until her parents got back home from the JT concert.

ella first birthday, simply social blog

photo credit Leanne Benkso

Birthday cake and Justin Timberlake. Awesome.

By now you should have sung the “Everything is Awesome” song in your head at least three times. If not go ahead and click play again and I’ll leave you with one more.

greater swiss mountain dog

It’s supposed to break 40 degrees today. AWESOME!

Have a great week!

Thanksgiving reflections

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Ok so I’m a little delayed on my post-turkey post. But let’s get serious, if you’re anything like me you are just now starting to feel like a normal human again after a serious bout with tryptophan. Just me? Ok, then.

I love Thanksgiving. I would tell you it’s my favorite holiday but I say that every holiday and I don’t want to have a wolf cry moment. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner and that whole birth of Christ shebang is pretty cool.

Truth is my perception of Thanksgiving has shifted over the years. There was a time when I nearly cried because our attendance dropped to 5 people after years of record celebrations. I made so much of a fuss that my dad asked everyone from out-of-town family members to the mailman to join us so we could fill the quota. I feel badly about that. College will do that to a girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in ‘the more the merrier’ concept. In fact I love nothing more than a big family gathering, but I’ve also learned to appreciate quality over quantity when it comes to most things in my life, friendships, family gatherings and food included.

A few years ago, I might have scoffed at the idea of not spending the actual holiday with my immediate family. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to them I’m a bit holiday selfish.

Can I use holiday as a modifier? I should know this.

What I do know is there are millions of people who never get to celebrate with their family, those who don’t get enough to eat, let alone a meal big enough to keep them full until the next Wednesday. So in the spirit of being thankful, I’ve learned to not only accept, but to enjoy that I am being welcomed into another family’s home on Thanksgiving Day.

And because my family is only a 3 hour drive away, I’m thankful to share a bonus Thanksgiving dinner with them a few days later.

I wish I could take credit for some of the spread, but my mom is a Thanksgiving ninja. One minute you’re snapping green beans and the next they are prepared and ready to be placed on the already-adorned table. And it’s not just simple things like green beans, ninja Nana stealthily roasts a turkey, whips up two kinds of dressing, alternative sides and dessert without breaking a sweat.

Speaking of breaking a sweat, I did manage to make a simple place setting on Saturday for our family dinner.

simple holiday place setting, rosemary napkin, ribbon-tied napkin, holiday china, thanksgiving place setting

I had brought home some fresh rosemary to make a batch of sweet potato rosemary drop biscuits. I know they sound delicious, don’t they? I might just have to make a batch this weekend because we had more than enough food on Saturday. So instead of using the rosemary in the biscuits, I tied a sprig up with ribbon around mom’s fancy silver and placed it on her grandmother’s china that I hope someday is my china. No rush, mom.

Here’s all you need:

  • silver or normal silverware
  • linen napkins
  • ribbon or twine
  • fresh rosemary

This is a great way to ensure that your guests have the utensils they need but don’t waste extra ones when you serve buffet-style. Simply wrap the napkin around the silver and tie a small bow around a snipped piece of rosemary. I’m a big fan of using natural elements in place settings as little to nothing is wasted as a result.

So I made a few place settings and bought a turkey cake. Probably a big letdown for those of you expecting more from me this year, but with my mom making things like rainbow pumpkin muffins, how can you compete?

turkey cake, thanksgiving, swiss mountain dog, rainbow pumpkin muffins

I’m just kidding. She made the pumpkin muffins. The rainbows were just simple light refraction. I am still waiting for them to take off on Pinterest, though.

Speaking of light, each year I ask my nephews to tell us what they are thankful for at Thanksgiving dinner. Why you might ask? Because they are boys, ages 7 and 3 and you just never know what kind of answer you are going to get. We already knew what Jake was thankful for as my sister shared it on Facebook the week prior.


Yes hyenas. His selection confirmed again at dinner when he said that he chose them because they are cute.

If you say so, kid

I expected a similar answer from the older one, or at least something referencing his iPhone, Lego droids or the XBox. I think everyone in the room let out a breath when Owen raised his hand and said,

“I’m thankful for the sun that gives us light each and every day.”

Nothing like a 7 year-old to put you at a loss for words.

And nothing like his 3 year-old brother to follow it with a rousing rendition of gangnam style.

As we continue through the holiday season, I encourage you to be thankful for what you have and not to focus on what you want. And while it took a 7 year-old to remind me, after this weekend my heart is just about as full as my belly. I hope yours is, too.

Have a great week!

I’ve got friends in Nashvegas

If this blog was a podcast, you’d probably be able to infer how my weekend in Nashville went within the first minute. Lucky for you the written word doesn’t have volume because I left my voice in Nashville. I also left quite a few hours of sleep on the table so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

I’d heard people refer to Nashville as Nashvegas a few times over the past few years. It wasn’t until I experienced myself this past weekend that I understood why. I went into the weekend with an open mind, fully expecting us to have leisurely days of site seeing and lunching, followed by a nice dinner and perhaps one crazy night of dancing. I love country music, so I knew I’d be in my element. I had heard there was a good food scene, too. What occurred over the next 48 hours was equal parts unexpected and awesome. Here’s why:

nashville girl's trip

1. 5 of my best friends made the trip from various states for our first girl’s weekend in a long time (I should end the post right here because without these girls, the rest of these reasons just wouldn’t make sense.)

2. We had a fabulous brunch at local spot, the Southern complete with pitchers of Bloody Mary’s AND Mimosas.

3. We ate biscuits every day. Classic American dining is right.

4. This bar. Where we spent no less than 5-6 hours in over a 48 hour period, most of which during the day. Like a casino with loose slots, we just couldn’t get enough.

5. Because they have taverns that you pedal. While sipping on drinks. And woo hooing. We have these in Chicago too but because I’ve yet to try them, Nashville ones get my vote for now.

6. Because my girlfriends don’t let a tummy ache get them down. Instead they devise a strategy and hold themselves accountable by requiring photo evidence. Well done, sista.

7. The Country Music Hall of Fame. And even though we didn’t see any of it besides this gift shop, we can say we’ve been there. It is Music City after all.

8. See #1.

nashville girl's weekend

9. Sunsets like this.

10. A friend who is willing to live band karaoke Ring of Fire at noon on a Saturday.

11. T-shirts that mock your love of salads.

12. Soda shops.

13. A delicious birthday dinner at local spot, City House.

14. Headwraps and southern hair.

Did I mention that they call it Music City? The talent in this town is unbelievable. You have to love a place, where on a Saturday afternoon you can witness something like this:

Young talent in Nashville from Sarah Murphy on Vimeo.

My voice may be an indication of some of the fun I had this weekend, but even without a new city and all the noise that comes with it, I’d probably still have the same things to say about my experience today. It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to be able to spend a weekend with some of my best friends. Life gets in the way sometimes and many times for good reason. At this point in our lives, everyone has a lot of responsibility. I feel blessed each and every time I get a chance to laugh with them and reflect on the years we’ve spent building our friendships. I know not everyone has friends like that and I feel incredibly lucky to have had mine throughout most of my life.

So if you don’t have a weekend planned now, do it. Or at least reach out and tell you friends how much they mean to you. We all know how important family is, but a good friendship is something to be truly thankful for.

Enjoy your week.

Weekend Recap: Rally, Ravinia, Run

Maybe it’s the short work week. Perhaps it’s because I just realized it’s July first and I’ve yet to don a swimsuit, go to a pool or lay on the beach. Or maybe, just maybe, this is a rare moment when I really don’t have much to say.

Whatever the case I’m not feeling very motivated today. I know it’s hard to believe. And I’m sure by the end of this post you will be all like ‘woah that’s a pretty long post for a girl who claims she has nothing to say today.’ And you’ll probably be right because I somehow have a way of filling the space with words even if they don’t have accurate context behind them. In my world even a few words are better than no words. Give me periods of silence and I’ll probably shift in my seat until I’m allowed to ask you why we are sitting in silence. Or what you are thinking about while you sit in silence. And likely at which point we are going to be done sitting in silence so we can talk again.

I had dinner with a girlfriend this weekend and we were reminiscing about our shared love for communication. Her husband brought up a few instances in which he came home after she was alone for a period of time and was taken aback at the sheer volume of words that came at him in a matter of minutes. We’re talking near record-breaking word counts. I think for a moment he thought I could commiserate, but he quickly caught himself, ‘Oh why am I telling you. You know exactly what I am talking about.’

And he was right. Having lived with my fellow communicator for a number of years, I experienced it a time or twenty. But for the two of us, that was just a good day’s conversation. We both came from families of talkers. And talking is what we do.

And so we chatted. About the craziness that was the Blackhawks parade and rally on Friday.

chicago blackhawks stanley cup champions parade 2013 simply social blog

And about my Chicago bucket list trip to Ravinia Friday night where we picnicked, listened to the sounds of Darius Rucker and made further use of our ponchos.

ravinia chicago darius rucker chicago fire simply social blog

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. Finn got a new toy and hasn’t let it out of his sight ever since.

greater swiss mountain dog simply social blog

We made the most of post-Ravinia recovery and cooler temps and delayed our 10-miler until Sunday. Typically I prefer to get it out of the way early Saturday morning, but what a nice surprise to meet some of Chicago’s finest along the way, just resting up for a long day of work at the Pride Parade.

Afterwards, we brought Finn with us to the lake and took him to the dog beach afterwards where he proceeded to only enter the water if there was paraphernalia (aka tennis balls) nearby. And as you can see the run and swim hit some of us harder than others.


Finn “Swims” from Sarah Murphy on Vimeo.

As usual, I have a random recipe to leave you with today. I made these pesto chicken skewers last week for dinner with my girlfriends along with a triple berry trifle. They turned out well so when I needed something that we could throw in the cooler for Ravinia, I made another batch Friday afternoon. Simple, fresh and perfect for a summer party.

pesto chicken tomato kebobs simply social blog

Pesto Chicken Skewers

  • 1/2 C fresh basil leaves (I added spinach and arugula as well)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2-3 TBL chopped walnuts
  • 1/4 C shredded parmesan cheese
  • kosher salt and fresh pepper
  • olive oil
  • 1 lb skinless chicken breast or tenders, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • grape tomatoes

In a food processor, add basil, garlic, walnuts and parmesan cheese. Pulse until combined and add salt, pepper and olive oil until desired consistency is reached.

Using kitchen shears, cut chicken tenders or breasts into 1-inch cubes. Place chicken in a large plastic bag and cover with half of pesto mixture. Refrigerate overnight.

Soak wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes. Starting with chicken, alternate chicken and tomatoes for each skewer.

Heat grill to medium (350 degrees). Add skewers to grill and cook approximately 5 minutes on each side or until cooked throughout. Let cool. Serve with remaining pesto.

pesto chicken tomato kebobs simply social blog

Prefer the original? Visit

I hope everyone has a wonderful week celebrating our independence with family and friends. As for me, I will continue my annual tradition of trying to avoid severe burns and severed digits due to my love of fireworks. If all goes well I will be back at the end of the week to recap the holiday. If you notice more typos next week, you’ll know why.

Happy Birthday America!

4th of July cake, sparklers, independence day