For the love of bridal mags

5 ways I'm failing at wedding planning, wedding, bridal magazines, bride, wedding planning tips

One of the perks of being newly engaged is receiving a plethora of bridal magazines to kick off your planning process. Oh sure there is that whole formal establishment of your life partner and all but you and I both know that all anyone cares about are the details. And they seem to take serious concern […]

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5 years later

It’s not often that I use the blog as a platform for love and mushiness but with our big announcement last week, I figured this was as good a time as any. 5 years ago today I went on a date with my best friend’s brother’s best friend from college. We watched the Illini get their […]

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Making it official

greater swiss mountain dog, engagement ring, dog engagement announcement, swissy, wedding,

Just shy of five years and one cross-country move later, Finn is no longer an illegitimate child. We are over the moon, excited and blessed. Disclaimer: No engagement rings were ingested in the making of this announcement.  

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