Weekend Wrap Up: 10 milers, Vintage Markets, Gnocchi and Pigs

wagon wheel drink set

I had grand intentions of using the long weekend to casually browse new recipes in my Bon Appetite, write down a detailed grocery list, take my time walking through the store and then spend a quiet morning in my kitchen creating a dish appealing enough to share with you on the blog today.

But then life got in the way. So instead, I will offer you a brief rundown of my weekend observations. Because let’s face it. Everything is better in list form.

1) 10-milers are tough. Maybe not not for you trained 10-miler runners out there, but if you thought you were in shape based on a recently-completed half marathon and then decided last minute to run the soldier field 10-miler in place of a friend who had to work then there’s a good chance the next day your hips will feel worse than your grandmother’s before a rainstorm. And so will your ego when you realize that your watch lost signal under McCormick Place, making your official time is 2 minutes over the 1:28 you thought you ran. Trust that.

soldier field race running

2) You can find awesome stuff at vintage markets. And I just so happen to live very close to the very popular Randolph Street Market. A place where, if you’re lucky, you lock your eyes on a beaut like this Wagon wheel serving tray with coordinating wooden-handled mason jar mugs stenciled with spurs, horseshoes and saddles. I know what you’re thinking. It’s amazing. And you’re right. My seasoned-thrifter Chrissy and I were able to put it the set to use later in the weekend. Awesome.

wagon wheel drink set
Rock me momma like a wagon wheel

3) Gnocchi is not as difficult to make as originally assumed. Especially when you have mimosas, a gigantic kitchen, your choice of high-end cookware, laughter and good friends. Thank you to my good friend Trista for being born. And kudos to the Chopping Block for providing us with some Sunday morning fun. Gnocchi rules.

4) Pig roasts don’t just happen on the farm. City folk can roast pigs too. And they do. Well, at least my friends do. Every year for Memorial Day. The annual roasting is usually followed by various acts of Patriotism, binge eating and drinking. Oh, and a Clay Matthews fathead. ‘Merica.


Random, yes. Jam-packed, you betcha. But fortunately by Monday, I was able to dedicate some time to the remembering the meaning behind Memorial Day. I was reminded earlier this week of a wonderful woman I was fortunate enough to call my Nana. She, along with many others served in the Marines so that we could enjoy the freedom we are now accustomed to. And while weekend wrap-ups are fun, it’s moments like that in which you are reminded that life is much bigger than small social engagements. So today, and nearly every other day, I’m thankful for her.


Have a wonderful week!

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