On new beginnings…

sunrise lake michigan chicago running

I was going to write this post about chicken tostadas. About making the most of the awesome weather we’ve finally been having here in Chicago and using your grill for a whole meal. Chicken tostadas with grilled corn, fresh guacamole, and homemade salsa based off of this Cooking Light recipe. 

grilled chicken tostadas guacamole and salsa

But I got too hungry and rushed through taking photos of the finished product. Photo FAIL.

So then I thought about giving you a recap of my long run this weekend, complete with a breathtaking sunrise, personal distance record (PDR) of 15 miles and a new group of friends. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a stranger in just over two hours. It’s also pretty cool to transition from fear and doubt to relief and excitement over a 15 mile span.

sunrise lake michigan chicago running

But let’s get serious, most of you could probably care less about running. Perhaps you like pictures of the beach though?

There’s always the topic of long-lasting rivalries. Like the Cubs and the Cardinals. Dividing families and Illinoisans each year from March to October.

cubs cardinals baseball wrigley field chicago

And this weekend was no exception. As a cardinals fan I was impressed. As a Chicagoan I was disgusted to see more red than blue on a perfect day in the friendly confines. Kudos to you cards fans for making the trip, but shame on you Chicago. The beer was cold and the sun was warm. No excuses. Play like a champion. oh wait, only the Cardinals seem to do that. (ba-dum-ching!)

Moving on.

The meaningful portion of this post came to me at the baptism of one of my little nieces (friend’s kids count as nieces, right?). As the priest spoke, I realized something about new beginnings. They don’t just come once a year. Not just once a season or even once a month. New beginnings are happening every day.

For those babies, yesterday was their formal welcome into the church.

baptism old st. pats chicago

For many children and young adults (nephew Owen included), today marks their first day of school.

first day of school second grade

And for the rest of us, new beginnings of our own. New jobs. New relationships. New challenges. New hope.

All to often, we let the holidays or seasons determine our need for change. If we recognize that each day comes with new opportunity, we are more likely to make a difference. Try to notice the new beginnings in your life this week.

As for me, I’m off to buy a trapper keeper and a 64-count box of crayons.

crayola crayons 64 count box
I hope they have mac n’ cheese yellow!

Have a good week!

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