Wedding Snapshots: the details

When it comes to wedding and party photos, I’m a sucker for detail shots. And if you’re a sucker for detail shots then we should be best friends. Which is pretty much what our photographer and I became as soon as I looked at her work and saw that she appreciated the little details just as much as I do.


There’s just something in the details. Don’t get me wrong, you may not get the same emotion with a detail shot as you do with a candid, but I love the way that the details give you a feel for the entire day. As if the theme (if there is one) is all wrapped up into a pretty little detailed package.


So without further ado, here are some details from our wedding day taken by the talented Wright Photographs out of Champaign.
zalewski_bk_0031zalewski_bk_0075 zalewski_bk_0113 zalewski_bk_0138 zalewski_bk_0159 zalewski_bk_0333 zalewski_bk_0343 zalewski_bk_0454zalewski_bk_0453zalewski_bk_0455zalewski_bk_0464 zalewski_bk_0466 zalewski_bk_0468 zalewski_bk_0469 zalewski_bk_0470 zalewski_bk_0476 zalewski_bk_0483 zalewski_bk_0508 zalewski_bk_0554 zalewski_bk_0555 zalewski_bk_0558 zalewski_bk_0559 zalewski_bk_0639

2 thoughts on “Wedding Snapshots: the details

  1. I’d love to see a combo candid/detail shot of Jon yelling at the Bears cookies. Gotta love it when someone comes up to your husband as says, “You must be a Packers fan. That’s the only person crazy enough to yell at a cookie.”

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