The votes are in

birthday layer cake, ombre layer cake, white birthday cake, buttercream icing, blue ombre layer cake, birthday, holiday, baking,

And apparently you like my random musings. According to my content poll, many of you prefer random musings and the method in which I determine my blog content (which is basically whatever pops into my head) so I’m just going to do as you say and keep on keepin on. Feel free to comment below if you have a content suggestion as I am still accepting write-in votes.

Sometimes I like to dig into the analytics behind the blog to see how people are finding me. Yeah, sure there are probably hundreds of robots trolling for keywords across the interwebs but I like to believe that it took a real person to find the blog via a search for ‘mermaids santa and snowman on siesta key’ or ‘christmas goblins eating santa’s cookies.’ In fact I’d really like to meet said person. The mermaid one not the Christmas goblin of course.

So if you get nutty over web analytics like I do then you might be interested in knowing that 2,000 or so of you really liked searching for ‘winter ONEderland’ parties in January. Thanks snow! And Pinterest! The cute baby probably helps them once they get to the page too. Thanks Trista! And Paul!

winter onederland birthday party, first birthday party winter theme, hot chocolate bar, cupcakes, birthday party ideas,
Oh look, more snowflakes

Some handful of you were in search of a ‘blue layered Frozen cake.’ No Frozen branding intended while making this cake but I bet Elsa wouldn’t have let a slice of this go. I know I didn’t and I can thank a few extra miles for getting back on track after that celebration.

birthday layer cake, ombre layer cake, white birthday cake, buttercream icing, blue ombre layer cake, birthday, holiday, baking,
ombre birthday cake

And let’s not forget about the lone soldier who apparently needed a few good ‘Smuckers Willard Scott photos.’ Because really, who doesn’t need a good Willard Scott photo?

101st post

So let’s make a deal. I’ll continue to provide you random musings like this post as well as a few more wedding rants (I’m looking at you registry) and the occasional photo dump (coming soon) and recipe post (maybe after the wedding), if you promise to continue to provide me with keyword searches like ‘indy 500 tutus’ and ‘dimples in 62 year old butt’ that somehow lead you to my blog.

Because what is a blog if not to give people what they’re searching for?

BONUS: Here is a collage of photos of my mom and Finn being besties at the dog beach yesterday.

greater swiss mountain dog, beach, florida, venice, vacation, dog beach, swissy, finn,

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