Because I’m happy

finn, dog park, skinner park, chicago, west loop, greater swiss mountain dog puppy, swissy

I’ve decided to start each morning with this Pharrell phrase. Seriously though. I’m going to use it and you should too. We should listen to the song together and purchase replicas of his magical hat.


Too much?

Well let’s just try the positive affirmation thing then.

I’ll admit I was a little grumpy when I took Finn out for our morning walk today. It’s March 4th, it snowed again yesterday and wind chill temps are hovering at zero. If you’re wondering that’s approximately 42 degrees off the average. I’ve worn my severe winter essentials nearly everyday since October and even they are begging to be taken to Goodwill at this point. I’m. Over. It.

Finn’s not though. He wakes up so happy every morning. He spins in circles as I gather his leash. He yanks me down the stairs and outside, smiling ear to ear as he inhales the brisk, cold air.

I love our morning walks. We are typically out the door just after 6 and aside from other dogs and owners, we have the neighborhood to ourselves. It’s a rare period of near silence in the city. Soon the sirens will echo the streets and honks and chatter will fill the air.

finn, dog park, skinner park, chicago, west loop, greater swiss mountain dog puppy, swissy

So imagine my surprise to hear Pharrell blasting from a car as we turned the corner on the final leg of our walk this morning.

“This is my jam!” the driver yelled over the parking lot to her friend who had just pulled in.

“I’m happy!” she said as she cranked up the volume and danced along to the song before starting her day at a local school.

“I’m happy! Are you happy?” she bellowed out to me as Finn and I walked past, his ears perking up as he wagged his tail to the beat.

I couldn’t help but smile. Two blocks ago I was grumpy, but after hearing the song and feeling her energy I too changed my tune.

greater swiss mountain dog

My goal over these next 40 days is to wake up as energized and happy as my pup. He has no clue what the day will bring but he wakes up with eager enthusiasm each and every morning. Literally. I have to shush him when we get back inside because he wants to tell all of Chicago how very excited he is just to eat his breakfast.


Make it your jam too.

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